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I like to think of SalesTestOnline as our recruiting secret weapon! Over the past 9 years of using it, we have determined it has an 85-95% accuracy rate. The confidence we have in the results allows us to make decisions whether to even conduct a phone interview with a candidate or make an even greater investment of time by bringing him/her into our offices for a face to face interview. The investment we have made in STOL has more than paid for itself in not wasting time with the wrong candidates and bringing on a team of people that we know very well even before they walk through the door on day 1!

Mitch S.
Printable Promotions

For 20 years, we've been relying on to help us better identify and evaluate new team members. Their personality tests allow us to look “under the hood” of potential candidates to determine what styles & characteristics best match our recipe for success. After tailoring their analysis to our needs, we benchmarked the tests against our existing staff and it was quite impressive how accurate it was. We consistently use it early in our screening process – and it has allowed us to avoid costly hiring mistakes as well as cherry-pick the most likely high achievers for our business. I highly recommend them.

Gary Z.
Project One

For the last 20 years I have consistently used SalesTestOnline to evaluate all candidates on the short list. Combined with the interviewing process, the personality assessment facilitates an improved insight to the overall assessment. There is absolutely no doubt that has helped to assemble a stronger team of achievers. Thank you for your contribution to the growth of our company.

Brian W.
Tristar Coatings

For over ten years our company has used SalesTestOnline's services to measure a candidate's true “Sales DNA”. Their Customer Service is great and we are quite pleased with the results of their sales assessments in finding candidates who have the true ability to sell. Hiring true sales talent is far more important to our clients than hiring someone who has a nice looking resume.

Jack H.
National Recruiting Firm

As a recruiting firm servicing discriminating employers, we have used to help us identify top performers for many years. This service exceeded all of expectations providing a powerful assessment that combines a quick and user-friendly service with an in-depth report for the hiring manager. We expect to use this tool for years to come.

Deborah S.
Director of Operations & Research
Continental Search

I have used various sales profiles in the past to evaluate candidate potential for my clients. I have found the SalesTestOnline evaluation to be: (1) More straightforward and easier to use (for both the applicant and the manager); (2) an accurate reflection of candidate tendencies, strengths and weaknesses; and (3) a strong predictor for candidate potential and a necessary tool to avoid turnover. I highly recommend this tool to any company or recruiter who is serious about hiring top-producing sales reps.

Brian H.
National Staffing Firm

I have been using for almost 5 years. I completely trust and am very confident in the accuracy of their system.

Scott M.
Achievement Strategy

I have used for several years. helped us improve sales by hiring the right salespeople that are motivated to succeed. It tests not just the personality and aptitude, but the Total Sales Ability including traits and selling techniques which are crucial to sales success. It also helped us save time and money, by adding an affordable, scientifically rigorous sales test to our hiring process. I highly recommend to any organization who is concerned about improving their ability to attract, recruit, interview and hire better sales professionals for their organization.

Persis P.
HR Manager
IRIS Software, Inc.

We started using SalesTestOnline as a tool to test the personality traits of salespeople that we would look to hire. We found the results so accurate that we broadened it's use and we now mandate any 2nd interview for a position with our firm to go through the test as well. It has been a core tool in our entire human resources strategy.

Rick T.
Taylor Moving has been a critical element to our interview process and hiring decisions. It has proven to be a key factor in our final hiring decision for sales candidates. It has also given us great insight into how to guide our interview and address training issues post-hire.

Mark W.
V.P. Sales
Major Mortgage Lender

We have found the cost is completely outweighed by the results. Not only do we use the results for consideration of new hires, we also give it great merit in ongoing management and development of our employees. What was the true test of When we tested ourselves and were amazed by how accurate the results represented us!

Matt V.
National Label Manufacturer

The assessment tool is reasonably priced and the outcome particularly for sales people is “right-on”. Participants are surprised at how so little input can produce such accurate outcomes into the personality and job competencies. We are a satisfied customer and plan to continue using this product. The Customer Service is excellent as well. I would certainly recommend this product for your salesforce at all levels.

Priscilla E.
HR Director
National Industrial Products Distributor