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Testing Process

Using SalesTestOnline's sales exams could not be easier or more convenient. Once your account is set up, testing is self-managed, automated and instantaneous. is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Applicant Takes the Test

    Simply provide the applicant with the link and login information. The test is fast, non-threatening and can be taken on any web enabled computer 24/7. This flexibility enables you to test people at any point during the hiring cycle; before the first interview, after and even during.

  2. Receive Notification

    Once the applicant has completed the test you are instantly notified by email that the test has been taken and the report is available for viewing online.

  3. View Results

    Log in with your client login information to view results. They may be printed, emailed or you may come back to view them again at any point in the future.